Tuesday, February 26, 2013

70 ways to Get More Website Traffic to Your site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the essential task to promote your site on search engine and reach to billions of prospective visitors. You have lots of opportunity to share your ideas but you should have better ideas to get your site’s readers. It’s hard to get visitors without promoting and taking corrective action. So that you have to maintain a periodic plan and run your activities. Focus your concentration on quality and fresh ideas not black hat mode.
The major objective of SEO is top ranking to your site in major search engines. Because there are many searches engine have been performing well results and more than 80 percent traffics comes from Search Engines. Google is number one ranking and covering 82.4 percent total search engine market. There are millions of people searching different topics and you can share your best ideas and services to them. Due to the advancement of technology; it’s easy to promote your ideas globally and sell your every performance on dollar. But you have to take some effective ideas to perform your activities. I have listed seventy ideas to promote your site and increase your site’s visibility in to search engines. You can apply all the ideas one by one. I’m sure that you cannot perform all these ideas in overnight but if you make one or two years plan then it will be easy to apply them.

1.      Write Quality contents
2.      Write relevant and fresh contents
3.      Choose memorable and keyword friendly domain
4.      Do keyword research
5.      Choose Attractive tile
6.      Submit  your site on major directories
7.      Submit your site on local directories
8.      Submit your sites on major search engines
9.      Submit your sites on local search engines
10. Run article marketing
11. Guest blogging
12. Submit your article to newsletters
13. Online profile creation on different high PR sites
14. Get one way link and reciprocal link
15. Submit newsletters to newsletter directories
16. Create RSS feeds
17. Write testimonial and interview that are worth using
18. Write helpful post in community forums
19. Post fee ads on forums if it is possible
20. Write keyword rich press release
21. Create a live blogs
22. Remove broken links
23. Research new topics
24. Add url and signature in forum site
25. Email marketing
26. Email signature creation
27. Set up auto respond mail
28. Create your own e-book
29. Create Facebook page
30. Create PDf file
31. Get twitter traffics
32. Create video (products and services)
33. Use searchable keywords on YouTube videos
34. Do watermark your videos
35. Submit your ebooks to free ebook directories
36. Create tutorial
37. Submit your site on
38. Free offers
39. Become an active member of StumbleUpon
40. Article contest
41. setup a page on
42. Setup a page on
43. Setup a page on
44. Install social media sharing plugin
45.   Create mobile friendly site
46. Install community forum
47. Add your blog on blog directories
48. Google Adwards
49. Facebook Ads
50. StumbleUpon Ads
51. LinkedIn ads
52. MyspaceAds
53. Google map creation
54. Regular post your site. 
55. Create Podcast
56. Asks people to StumbleUpon to your post
57. Use Social Bar
58. Use Onlywire Services
59. Optimize internal post links
60. Emphasize your poplar post in side bar
61. places top and recent comment in your side bar
62. Run Solo Ads campaign
63. PPC ads campaign
63 Speed Up your website
64. Optimize your image
65. Quality Site Hosting
66. Backlinks building
67. Backlinks building from article submission sites.
68. Run offline ads campaign
69. focus on local market
70. create Google map and include your URL links

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